Hubble Space Telescope

As we all know that a telescope is used to see an object which is very far from us. When we use a telescope we always wanted that the object should be visible very clearly and accurate. When scientist and astronomers wanted to explore the limitless sky and universe , they used very big telescope which are situated in some countries .Still after watching through these huge telescope, Earth’s atmosphere would create a problem, as the atmosphere scatter the light which is coming far from the universe.

So scientist came upon an idea that we should put a telescope in the space , so there will be no problem of scattering .Hubble Telescope was sent to space in September of 1990 by NASA, and do you know that speed of any object which revolve around the orbit of earth is approx 28,000 km\hr, and that speed is just insane.

The makers of the hubble telescope installed 6 one of the best gyroscopes in it, so that when it will take pictures it can focus with precise accuracy and we can get best images. And then the day was here when the hubble sent the first image it took of space, and guess what that images was blur, soon the scientists realised that they made a huge mistake, the armature of the 900 kg mirror which was installed in the hubble telescope was not accurate. Concave mirror was used to focus the light in one point, but that mirror was inaccurate by just 1\150 width of a human hair, and hence it was not able to focus the image at one point so the images were blur. Now tell me what we do when our eyesight does not work properly, we wear a spectacles right! In 1993 a team of astronauts were sent to the orbit to fix the hubble telescope, they installed 5 small mirrors with movable arms so that the light gets focused at one point and we can get clear images. And that day was finally here when hubble sent the images of the space, and that images were just insane. I really wanted to show you some spectacular images taken by the hubble , but you know it will create copyright issues. So just Google the “Images taken by Hubble” and you will thank me for that.

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