International Space Station

The International space station (habitable artificial satellite) is the largest man-made object in the space. The main purpose of the ISS is to do science experiments and also for research. It was completely build in space. Usually 6 astronauts aboard in it, and they changes every 6 months so that they just don’t spend too much time in space. The size of ISS is of an American football field, it orbits at just 400 km above the Earth’s surface with an insane speed of 28,000 km/hr. It can be visible with naked eyes sometimes, it is a joint program of USA, Russia , Canada, Japan and European space agency .

The ISS is divided into 2 segments, one of them is called United states orbital segment and the other Russian orbital segment. These segments are made up of many modules, and each module was built in many locations around the globe, each module was then launched in space. The first component was launched in 1998.The modules were sent to space with 3 rockets, one was of USA and the other 2 of was of Russia. ISS took a decade to be build completely, and since then there is always a presence of human in the ISS.

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