The kepler-22b was the first planet which was discovered to orbit within the habitable zone of a sun like star. In 5th of December 2011 a team of scientists confirmed this planet which is same as the size of earth and orbits a star (kepler-22) similar to sun. The distance of the planet from its parent sun is perfect that is not too close, not too far. It was discovered by the NASA’s Kepler space telescope.

This planet is about 600 light years away from us and has a radius of about 2.4 times of earth. Kepler-22b is also called as super Earth it takes about 290 days to travel around its sun orbit. Its sun is smaller and a less cooler than ours.

Scientist still don’t know what it’s made of, it could be made of rocky like earth or it could be gaseous like Neptune or Jupiter. It can even have water, an ocean planet which has a possibility that life may exist on it. We even don’t know whether it has atmosphere or not

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