So basically LHC is the world largest and the world most powerful particle accelerator in the World. It is located in the border of France and Switzerland and can you believe it is as long as 27 km in circumference, yes you read it right twenty-seven, and not to forgot that the diameter of metal disc of that cyclotron was just 13 Inches in diameter. LHC is located approx 175 m underground. It took almost 10 years to build LHC, and as many as 10,000 scientists were required to build that. It was first used in September of 2008.

LHC is used to accelerate proton beams at the 0.99999% speed of light, that’s a way too fast right! I always wanted to travel with that speed and see what does happen to our body, oh leave it jokes apart. So basically LHC uses many dipole and quadrupole magnets to accelerate the proton beams.LHC is not used to accelerate a single proton but rather it accelerate two beams of proton from opposite directions ,so that they meet and collide with each other. Scientists study that collision and see what happens with that collisions. The electromagnets which are used inside that accelerator are cooled down to approx -271.30 C , which is cooler than the outer temperature of space.

As I told you already that there are 2 beams travelling at opposite direction so that they meet at a point and collide, now imagine that you and your friend are standing 27 km apart and you both have a needle and you wish to throw that needle in the same direction and you want to collide it , just imagine the possibility of that needle collision .That’s how difficult is to collide that beams of proton to each other in that accelerator. And not to forgot that these beams collide with each other at a rate of 1 billion collisions per second.

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