Space Suit

Do you know that the space suits are the most expensive garment made by humans, which cost around 22$ billion and that’s approx 156 cores in INR. Space suit is an extreme environment suit build to protect from severe environments and deadly atmosphere, also a pressurised suit which is developed for vacuum to recreate the conditions of earth.

The astronauts first has to wear an tight suit which has a many water tubes inside it water flows and keeps the person cool and they had to wear a diaper too. Then they put on the space suit which is divided into 2 parts one is the upper torso and the other lower torso, these have 11 layers of protection, a water proof layer, fireproof layer and also a bulletproof layer so as to protect them from space dust which travels at a devastrating speed of 28,000 km/hr.

They wear a helmet which is also used for protection, it has a headphone and earphone to communicate with the station on the ground. The helmet is also equipped with camera and few lights so that they could see it the dark, it has a transparent visor and a golden visor so that astronauts could see in the direct sunlight. Inside the helmet and near the mouth there is a straw provided so that they can drink water easily.

As we know that the boiling temperature of liquid decreases with decrease in the atmospheric pressure, hence if we reaches a height of 19,000m above the earth surface our blood will starts to boil at our body temperature , oxygen will expand and lungs will bursts. That’s why space suits are very crucial to maintain. At the back of the space suits there is a heavy briefcase like thing in which there are tanks and can give 7 hours of continuously supply of oxygen. It also has CO2 filters, battery cooling system and communication equipments. In the chest of the suit there is an electrical module which can be used to regulate the temperature and other electrical devices of the space suits. The total weight of the space suits is around 140 kg.

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