Have you ever imagined what could be our life be without food, water, oxygen etc, it’s hard to imagine right. The sun also plays a very important role in our life, without sun our solar system would not have been exist. Sun is the heart of our solar system and has tremendous gravitational pull and extensive magnetic force. It is made of 91% of hydrogen, 8.9%of helium, and 0.1 % of other heavy elements. Due to extreme higher temperature they are in a state of plasma rather than gas, the temperature of core of sun is about 1,50,00,0000 C. 2 hydrogen atoms combine to form 1 helium atoms and this reaction is called thermonuclear fusion which releases an enormous amount of radiation & solar wind. Due to its size and mass sun is the most massive and the heaviest object in the solar system and is strong enough to hold the entire solar system.

Sun’s immense gravitational pull allows to hold the system of 8 planets , dozens of dwarf planets, 170 moons and countless comets and asteroids, without sun all the planets would just drift in the space .Sun is so huge that it could fit all the 8 planets nearly 600 times. Sun also has 99.8% mass of the entire solar system.

But remember nothings stays forever ,it is estimated that after 6.5 billion years sun will ran out of its hydrogen fuel, that a long way to go.

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