The Great Red Spot

Jupiter is a gas gigantic and one of the most incredible planet of the solar system. Everything about this planet is gigantic, the diameter of the equator is about 1, 39,820 km. Around 1300 Earths could fit easily in the Jupiter, its mass is 2.5 times more than the mass of all the planets in the solar system combined and its magnetic field is 20,000 times more stronger than Earth. Jupiter is mainly made of hydrogen and helium like most of the other stars and is full of gas, there is no solid surface .

The most extraordinary features of Jupiter is the great red spot. It is a gigantic cyclone cloud which rotates in anticlock wise direction, it is so big that it could easily engulf entire earth. Since it is a cyclone, the average wind speed is about 675 km per hour. What actually drives the red spot is still a mystery for scientist. The red spot is slowly shrinking in size over a period of time. At the time of discovery of the red spot, the diameter was around 40,000 km , now it is 16,000 km. It is also estimated that within 20 years the red spot will disappear. So one day the great red spot may not be all the great , but atleast we were able to observe one of the solar system colossal wonders.!

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